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Increase and advance the accumulation of aroma precursors

Enhances the aromatic varietal expression, increasing grape precursors​

Applied at veraison, the foliar spray LalVigne AROMA, 100% natural, wine yeast derivative, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, poitively impacts the production secondary metabolites in grapes, such as varietal aroma precursors and glutathione.​

Grapes will have better varietal expression and will be more balanced, enabling an increased quality of your white, rosé and aromatic young red wines.

Enhances the aromatic varietal expression, increasing grape precursors​

Benefits, Characteristics & Application

Increases berry skin thickness​: Better physical berry properties. Less berry breakage during mechanical harvesting​

Reduces berry dehydration​: Higher yields in extreme conditions, avoiding yield losses​

Potential of earlier harvest date

  • In cool regions/conditions, it reduces the risks associated with late harvests (rainfall, frost) ​
  • In warm regions/conditions, it tightens the gap between technological and aromatic maturity​

Extends your harvest window​:

  • Earlier and higher accumulation of aroma precursors with minimal impact on the berry weight, Brix, pH, or TA. ​
  • Reduction of berry weight loss in overripe conditions​

Uniform veraison. Homogeneous maturation​

Reduces variability improving grape quality. Uniform ripening makes choosing a harvest date easier​

Improved profitability​

Complementary to other canopy management practices. ​

Improved grape quality​

Grape composition is more balanced between technological maturity (sugar and acids) and aroma precursors. ​

Natural innovative product authorized for organic viticulture

Higher quality white, rosé and aromatic young red wines​

Resulting wines have more balance, aroma complexity and concentration. ​

Allows the production of wines with lower alcoholic rate

Thanks to the earlier accumulation of aroma precursors​

Increases skin compounds

Grapes with a more balanced composition and more desirable skin compounds such as aroma precursors. ​

Reduces aggressive green flavors

Grapes with less aggressive compounds and more pleasant wines ​

Enhances the aromatic varietal expression increasing grape precursors

In thiolic varieties increased 3MH and 3MHA in wines ​

Increases terpenes and esters precursors​

Increased wine longevity​

Increases levels of reduced glutathione (GSH). Higher stability of aroma compounds. ​

Optimizes the winery budget​

Reduces need for oenological inputs​

Makes cellar life easier​

Faster release of compounds. Reduced fermentation risks associated with under ripe and overripe grapes

100% specific fractions of selected inactivated yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Non-GMO.

1 hectare carton
1 hectare carton: contains 2×3 kg bags for two applications.
Total weight: 6kg.

Non-flammable product.
Store in sealed original packaging.
Avoid extreme storage conditions.

1 treatment = 2 applications
Recommended rate by application on vines: 3 kg / ha

Organic Agriculture
Product suitable in organic viticulture according to CE n°834/2007 and 889/2008 regulation
Product compliant under NOP

Foliar spray

Rate Per Application
LalVigne AROMA – 3 kg/ha

Applied Twice
1st application at 5% veraison.
2nd application 7 – 14 days later (best 10-12 days)

Apply when cool, night or early morning
First application at the beginning of veraison (5% to 30%), make second application 10-12 days later.
If 30% veraison has passed before first application, make second application 7 days later.

1. Suspend LalVigne AROMA in approximately 10 times its weight of water in order to get a perfect dissolution.
2. Add preparation to half full sprayer and continue agitating.
3. Add remaining water, spray on leaves at 200 to 600 l/ha.

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″ In the blending sessions that followed [the treatment of our vines with LalVigne AROMA] the treated wine stood out with more aromatic intensity and varietal character in a tasting session of over 30 Sauvignon Blancs ″

Norrel Robertson

Master of Wine