What we do


At Lallemand Oenology, we offer visionary biological solutions based on microorganisms from vine to wine.

We are a recognized global leader in research and development, production and marketing of selected yeast, selected bacteria and their derivatives, as well as other natural solutions based on microorganisms for the benefit of the wine industry.

Lallemand Oenology: Original By Culture

Viticulture & Oenology

Supporting your originality, we cultivate our own.

The LalVigne name comes from the association of Lallemand Oenology and Vigne (French term for Vine), and is our brand developed for vineyard solutions.

With LalVigne, Lallemand Oenology reinforces the link between viticulture and winemaking. Based on our expertise, knowledge and experience in microbiology and winemaking we contribute in the vineyard to the production of unique and quality wines.

Viticulture & Oenology

Global knowledge

Our team is present in all grape and wine producing regions of the world. We collaborate with the most renowned technical centers in Viticulture and Enology, and with grape growers and winemakers at the international level.

Research & Development

Forward and creative research

Our R&D team has built strong partnerships with Universities and international Research Institutes to bring innovations to the market. One of the outcomes is our patent pending technology (PCT US) to enhance grape and wine quality applying a natural inactive yeast derivative foliar spray in the vines.

Our products are subject to field tests during several years, under multiple conditions and in different grape varieties. Their efficacy is validated in the vine, in the grape and in the wine.

Forward and creative research

Our Commitments

• We grow with you
• We bring our know-how in microbiology and winemaking
• We invest in R&D applied to viticulture
• We offer efficient and innovative biological solutions
• We lean on scientific facts and rigorous testing
• We contribute to a more sustainable viticulture
• We strengthen the link between viticulture and oenology
Grow your wine

We share our knowledge

The transmission of experience and know-how is part of our culture.

We are committed to share our expertise, making it accessible through scientific, technical and practical meetings, symposiums and publications.

We promote networking among researchers, viticulturists and winemakers from different wine regions worldwide.

We share our knowledge

Guarantee of production and quality


LalVigne products are manufactured in our own facilities. We have production centers in Grenaa (Denmark), Montreal (Canada), Vienna (Austria), Salutaguse (Estonia), and Verona (Italy).


We offer traceability and quality assurance. We apply a strict quality policy. All products are subjected to at least 20 rigorous quality tests. Our plants are certified with international quality standards (FSSC22000, GFSI, GMP, etc.).

Guarantee of production and quality

Ambassador Program

LalVigne Ambassadors

We are proud of our LalVigne Ambassadors, colleagues of the grape and wine business from around the world who participate in our LalVigne events, like the LalVigne Academy or the LalVigne Xperience. They commit to act with microorganisms, contribute to a more sustainable viticulture and Grow your wine.

Should you want to become a LalVigne Ambassador and have access to unique information before anyone else, subscribe to the LalVigne Newsletter to informed about LalVigne events and webinars, please complete our contact form.

LalVigne Ambassadors

History and Key Dates

Late 19th century

Lallemand’s foundation:
Lallemand is a global company founded in Montreal, Canada in the late 19th century. It has more than 100 years of experience developing and providing microbiological solutions for numerous industries.


Lallemand Oenology‘s birth: As a leading company in research and development in biotechnologies dedicated to the wine industry, we apply our passion for innovation, maximize our skill in production and share our expertise.


Birth of the LalVigne Project: First research directed towards viticulture.


Laboratory assays for vine: First trials to select best biotechnology to enhance grape quality.


First field trials in vineyard: Research to validate in real conditions the new developments in France and Spain.


International field trials: Confirmation of results in vineyards around the world in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres under very different conditions and with multiple grape varieties.


Patent request (PCT) USA: Patent request presented in the USA for an application technology to enhance grape and wine quality by foliar spray in the vines of yeast derivatives.


XXVes Entretiens Scientifiques of Lallemand, scientific symposium celebrated in Mendoza, Argentina, entitled: “New outlook in viticulture and the impact on wine quality” with some of the most renowned international researchers in vine and grape science.


First LalVigne products launched in the Northern Hemisphere: Grapegrowers and winemakers of the Northern Hemisphere start to benefit from LalVigne Mature and LalVigne Aroma advantages.


Launch of the LalVigne products in the Southern Hemisphere: Southern and Northern Hemispheres users can benefit from LalVigne Mature and LalVigne Aroma advantages.


First edition of the LalVigne Academy: International event organized by Lallemand Oenology to share scientific knowledge with viticulturists and winemakers about innovation in viticulture, grape biochemistry, winemaking and applied microbiology with world renowned researchers and specialists.


First edition of the LalVigne Xperience: International event organized by Lallemand Oenology to share LalVigne experiences from all around the world with international attendees.


First LalVigne webinars: In our dedication to sharing knowledge and making it accessible to everyone, webinars are developed on viticultural topics.