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Increase and advance phenolic maturity


Uniformity in ripening, advancing and increasing phenolic maturity

Lalvigne MATURE (patent pending technology) is a 100% natural wine yeast derivative (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Applied at veraison, Lalvigne MATURE foliar spray positively impacts the production of secondary metabolites in grapes, such as polyphenols.

The coloring of bunches is more uniform, grapes have thicker skins, combined with higher concentration of extractable anthocyanins and skin tannins, and consistently lower green flavor compounds such as methoxypyrazine. To produce better grapes and make higher quality red wines and more concentrated white wines.


Benefits, Characteristics & Application

Increases the thickness of berry skin: greater resistance of grapes with better physical properties.

Reduces dehydration: Less shrivel and dehydration resulting in higher yields.

Potential of earlier harvest date:

    • In cool regions, it reduces the risks associated with late harvests (rainfall, frost).
    • In warm regions, it tightens the gap between technological and phenolic maturity

Extends the harvest window: Earlier and higher accumulation of polyphenols.

Reduces weight loss in overripe conditions.

Better homogeneity of the grape color

Uniform veraison. Homogeneous maturation: Reduces variability, improves quality and allows for easier choice of harvest date.

Acts as complementary or alternative of other canopy management practices: Grapes will have better phenolic maturity and balance.

Natural input :  100 % specific fractions of selected wine yeast derivative Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Grapes with more homogeneous color.

Increases the synthesis of anthocyanins and their extractability during the winemaking process.

Higher ratio of skin compounds such as skin tannins with better maturity.

Improves phenolic maturity in grapes and wine.

Increases norisoprenoids concentration.

Improves the quality of red wines: Resulting wines have more balance, higher complexity and persistence and better mouthfeel.

More concentrated white wines: Increases the weight or fullness on the palate of white wines.

Less alcoholic and fresher wines: Possibility to advance harvest earlier and higher accumulation of phenolic compounds.

Reduction of herbaceous / aggressive character: Less pyrazines, better grape quality.

Reduced fermentation risks associated with under ripe /overripe grapes.

Optimizes total expenses by reducing the need for oenological supplies.

100% specific fractions of selected inactivated yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Non-GMO.

Natural input.

7.5 acres carton: contains 3 separate boxes.

Each box contains 2x 2.2 lb bags for 2.5 acres

Total weight: 13.2 lb.

2.5 acres carton: contains 2x 2.2 lb bags for two applications.

Total weight: 4.4 lb.

Non-flammable product.
Store in sealed original packaging.
Avoid extreme storage conditions.

1 treatment = 2 applications
Recommended rate by application on vines 0.9 lb / acre

Foliar spray

Rate Per Application
LalVigne MATURE 0.9 lb/acre

Applied Twice
1st application at 5% veraison.
2nd application 7 – 14 days later (best 10-12 days)

Apply when cool, night or early morning
First application between 5-30% veraison (5% is best), make second application 10-12 days later.
If 30% veraison has passed before first application, make second application 7 days later.

1. Mix LalVigne MATURE in a 5 gallon bucket with one gallon or more of water per pound of product.
2. Add mixed product to half full sprayer and continue agitating.
3. Add remaining water, spray on leaves at 20-65 gallons/acre.

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″ We observed an earlier maturity in the treated area compared to the control and a higher level of polyphenols in the finished wines. ″

Christian Roguenant

Niven Family Wine Estates