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Both products are inactivated yeast, but have different compositions as they are composed of different fragments of the yeast derivatives.

Color, solubility and dosage of application are also different. LalVigne MATURE is designed to increase phenolic maturity and LalVigne AROMA to increase levels of aroma precursors in grapes.

Our recommendation is based on the results of scientific and technical trials. To get the best effectiveness, follow the recommendations provided.

Dilute the product in about 10 times its weight of water to suspend it. Add additional water to the spray tank to meet the minimum amount of water that allows for a homogeneous spray. Avoid excess water that can cause loss of product by dripping from leaves. Water acts as the treatment vehicle, what is most important is the amount of product used for the desired acreage.

First application: beginning of veraison. Second application: 7 – 14 days after first application.

Avoid mixing when possible. Do not mix with oils, alkaline products or lime sulfur solutions. No incompatibilities with other products have been found. In case of tank mixing, check the recommendations of the other product used and perform a phytotoxicity test before first application.

First apply the LalVigne product, wait for 48 hours, then apply the other product.

Yes, the effectiveness of the product is higher if after each application there is at least 48 hours without rain. If rain happens within 48 hours after the first application of LalVigne, make the second application 7 days after the first one. If rain occurs within 48 hours after the second application, repeat the second application.

Ingredients in LalVigne MATURE and LalVigne AROMA are food grade quality. Although it is not usual, grapes could be harvested just after application. If you are tank mixing, you must heed instructions and cautionary restrictions of those products.

There is no exact value as multiple factors influence the timing of harvest.
According to users´ experience in real conditions it was advanced from some days to 2 or 3 weeks in extreme cool harvests.

Yes, LalVigne AROMA has a complementary effect. It will improve wine sensory characteristics and provide greater longevity and complexity. Both products can be mixed.

Yes, if you wish. In these cases, it is a matter of wine style. Some clients use LalVigne AROMA on red varieties to enhance aromas in their wines. Some use LalVigne MATURE on white varieties seeking a better mouthfeel.

In general, we would recommend LalVigne AROMA, if the vineyard management and wine objective is to make rosé wines. However, if you vinify rosé to concentrate your red wines, then LalVigne MATURE will give you better results.