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Microbiological solutions for viticulture / By Lallemand Oenology

LalVigne is the range of selected vineyard solutions of Lallemand Oenology

We are pioneers in innovation with research for the benefit of the wine industry.

LalVigne is an extension of the work we have been doing to understand the microbiology of wine.

With LalVigne, we offer you our expertise and experience in microbiology and winemaking for better vineyard management to improve the quality of grapes and wines.

From vine to wine

At Lallemand Oenology, we provide natural and innovative  microbiological solutions from vine to wine.
Our team of microbiologists, agronomists, and winemakers develop LalVigne vineyard solutions in collaboration with Universities, Research Centres, winegrowers and wineries worldwide.

We produce and control the quality of all LalVigne products in our own facilities.

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