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Improves adaptation and resistance of grapevine to water stress

Increases the tolerance of grapevines to water stress

LalVigne PROHYDRO is a natural product 100% derived from microorganisms. Applied preventively to water stress conditions improves grapevine adaptation and resistance to water deficit and increases grapevine recovery after periods of water stress. LalVigne PROHYDRO increases the quantity and quality of the harvest, reducing the negative impact that water stress may cause to the grapes and wine.

Authorized for organic and conventional viticulture.

 Increases the tolerance of grapevines to water stress

Benefits, Characteristics & Application

Increased yield: improves plant activity and reduces berry weight losses caused by high temperatures and water shortage.

Reduces the level of sunburn in bunches: prevents yield and grape quality losses.

Improved water usage: increases physiological activity of the plant, increases photosynthetic rate and water use efficiency (WUE). Increases leaf chlorophyll level.

Improves values of leaf water potential, Indicating that treated vines suffer lower levels of water stress.

Maintains greater tissue elasticity, which allows for greater vine recovery after episodes of water stress.

Reduces temperature in the bunch area. The higher physiological activity allows a better thermoregulation of the plant.

Improves grape balance and quality: reduces imbalances associated with water stress situations and physiological stalling during ripening.

Preserves or recovers the typicity of the wine: Excessive water stress can lead to loss of freshness and over-ripening of the grapes, resulting in a loss of quality and typicity of the wine.

More balanced wines: water stress in the vineyard can lead to more alcoholic wines with green tannins that increase the perception of astringency and bitterness.

Reduces fermentation problems linked to unbalanced and over-ripe grapes.

Reduces oxidation problems allowing longer-lived wines


Oenological yeast derivative (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) de Lallemand Oenology, L-Proline

(Corynebacterium glutamicum). NON GMO.


10 kg carton containing 10 bags of 1 kg.


Non-flammable product.

Store in sealed original packaging.

Store preferably in a cool and dry place. Avoid extreme storage conditions.

Organic Agriculture

Product suitable in organic farming according to Regulation (UE) 2018/848. (LalVigne PROHYDRO is not authorized for organic farming in California and several other US States).

Recommended application rate on grapevines

1 kg/ha (0.9 lb/acre) 1lb/acre

Foliar spray

Rate Per Application

LalVigne PROHYDRO 1 kg/ha (0.9 lb/acre)

Timing of application

1st application: prior to stressful conditions.

Effective from the first application.

Number of applications per season depends on the water stress conditions of the vineyard. In standard conditions, apply 1-2 applications between fruit set and bunch closure.

Situations of severe post-bloom stress (3 applications at the phenological stages JKL according to M. Baggiolini)

  • 1st application: STATE J. Fruitset
  • 2nd application: STATE K. Pea size
  • 3rd application: STATE L. Bunch closure

Interval between applications around 14 days.

In cases where the water stress begins before flowering, it is recommended to start the treatment earlier and increase the number of applications up to 4 or 5.

Apply when cool, night or early morning.

Mode of application:

  1. Mix LalVigne PROHYDRO in a 5 gallon bucket with one gallon or more of water per pound of product
  2. Add mixed product to half full sprayer and continue agitating.
  3. Add remaining water, spray on leaves at 100 – 1000 l / ha (10 – 110 gal / acre).

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