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Protects vineyards against abiotic stresses

Increases grapevine resilience to adverse conditions

LalVigne RESILIENS is a natural product of 100 % oenological yeast derivatives that promotes greater resilience to abiotic stresses. It improves vineyard adaptation to abiotic stress conditions, strengthening the plant to overcome these episodes and helping to reduce recovery time after being subjected to unfavorable stress conditions.

The foliar application of LalVigne RESILIENS will increase the tolerance of the vineyard to any abiotic stress situation it may suffer, increasing its resilience capacity and maintaining its productive and qualitative potential.

Authorized for organic and conventional viticulture.

 Increases grapevine resilience to adverse conditions

Benefits, Characteristics & Application

Increased yield: improves bud growth and shoot development, reduces problems of poor fruit set and allows for proper fruit growth.

Increases vine resilience to abiotic stress conditions, improving the general health of the plant.

Improves grape balance and quality: achieves a better leaf/fruit ratio for more balanced maturity

Increases the physiological activity of the plant, increases photosynthesis rate and improves leaf water potential values. Improved bunch microclimate conditions.

Prevention of the effects of climate change and global warming on grapevines: Prevents stress caused by extreme temperatures, excessive UV radiation, salinity, drought, strong winds and limits the effects of heat waves.

Favors vineyard recovery after frost episodes

More balanced grape ripening: abiotic stress can cause delayed or interrupted grape ripening.

Reduces the limitation of aroma compounds synthesis that stressful conditions may entail.

Improves wine quality: highly stressed vines produce neutral wines, reduced fruitiness, and low complexity.

Reduces fermentation problems associated with unbalanced vineyards.

Increases the longevity of wines: the consequences of abiotic stress on plants can lead to relatively short-lived wines.


Oenological yeast derivative (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) de Lallemand Oenology



10 kg carton containing 10 bags of 1 kg.


Non-flammable product.

Store in sealed original packaging.

Store preferably in a cool and dry place. Avoid extreme storage conditions.

Organic Agriculture

Product suitable in organic farming according to Regulation (UE) 2018/848

Recommended dose by application on vines

0.5 kg/ha (0.5 lb/acre)

Foliar application

Dose by application

LalVigne RESILIENS 0,5 kg/ha (0.5 lb/acre)

Timing of application

1st application: apply once the shoots reach a size of 10 to 20 cm (4 to 8 inches)

Effective from the first application.

Number of applications per season depends on the abiotic stress conditions of the vineyard. In standard conditions, apply 1-2 applications between bud-break and bloom

Interval between applications around 14 days.

In addition to LalVigne RESILIENS being applied preventively, it can be used following stressful conditons to promote plant recovery.

Apply when cool, night or early morning.

Mode of application:

  1. Mix LalVigne RESILIENS in a 5 gallon bucket with one gallon or more of water per pound of product
  2. Add mixed product to half full sprayer and continue agitating.
  3. Add remaining water, spray on leaves at 100 – 1000 l / ha (10 – 110 gal / acre).

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