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Natural solution for Botrytis control

Reduces the damage caused by bunch rots

LalVigne BOTRYLESS is a natural product, 100% derived from microorganisms (chitosan from Aspergillus niger) which, when applied as foliar spray, has dual modes of action, reinforcing the defense mechanisms of the vine and prevent the growth of the fungus.

LalVigne BOTRYLESS reduces losses caused by Botrytis, prevents bunch deterioration, and prevents loss of quality of musts and wines.

It has no maximum residue limit or safety period.

Reduces the damage caused by bunch rots

Benefits, Characteristics & Application

Increases yield: reduces losses due to Botrytis infection.

Natural solution: no safety period and no maximum residue limit.

Efficacy: the fungal origin of the product guarantees greater efficacy and recognition by the plant.

Dual modes of action: it strengthens the plant’s natural defenses and inhibits the growth of Botrytis.

No resistance risk: offers an alternative or an organic-based complement to agents with resistance risk, especially with short application periods.

Improved profitability: better yields and lower gluconic levels, which favors a higher grape price.

Improves grape health, which facilitates grape harvest management in the winery.

Reduces the need for winery inputs: botrytis infected grapes have a number of components that require a greater need for oenological inputs to reduce their negative impact on wine.

No negative impact on winemaking: no negative effect on the fermentation kinetics of the must.

Reduces the presence of spoilage microorganisms: efficacy against fungi and bacteria.

Reduces wine oxidation and instability problems: reduces the content of the laccase enzyme present in botrytized grapes, allowing longer-lived wines.

Higher quality wines: botrytis infected grapes cause problems in wine quality including: increased risk of volatile acidity, color degradation problems, loss of aromatic precursors, and aromatic defects.


100% fungal chitosan (Aspergillus niger). NON GMO.


1kg bags


Non-flammable product

Store in sealed original packaging

Store preferably in a cool and dry place. Avoid extreme storage conditions

Basic substance

Product authorized as basic substance according to Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009.

Recommended dose by application on vines

Preventive use: 200 – 400 g/ha; trying to ensure concentrations of 100 g/hL.

Conditions of high risk of Botrytis development: 500 – 600 g/ha

Foliar application

Rate by application

LalVigne BOTRYLESS 200 – 600 g/ha

Time of application

The usual timings for antibotrytis treatments.

Effective from the first application.

Number of applications per season depends on climatic conditions and possible development of Botrytis. In generic conditions make 1-3 applications, maximum 8.

It is recommended to direct the application to the bunch area.

Interval between applications around 14 days.

To improve the spray suspension, apply in water with pH ≤ 5.

Apply when cool, night, or early morning.

1. Mix LalVigne BOTRYLESS in approximately 10 times its weight in water and stir/agitate slowly to suspend.

2. Add mixed product to half full sprayer and continue agitating.

3. Add remaining water, spray on leaves at 200 – 600 l / ha

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