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San Luis Obispo, California, USA

Testimonial from Christian Roguenant

“After hearing about LalVigne in 2014, we decided (with the cooperation of Scott Williams of Pacific Vineyard Co.) to test the products in two blocks. We use LalVigne AROMA on White Grenache and LalVigne MATURE on Syrah.

We observed an earlier maturity in the treated area compared to the control and a higher level of polyphenols in the finished wines.
The chemical analysis was very similar, however, the wines showed great differences in the sensory analysis.
Both on White Grenache and on Syrah, we prefered treated wines that presented more concentration and better maturity.
Improved fruity taste and mouthfeel. In the treated Syrah block we noticed a greater complexity and a better balance acidity / tannin.

In the 2015 vintage we saw similar results in other treated blocks and we decided to extend the treatments to other varieties”.

Baileyana Winery


Christian Roguenant

Product used

LalVigne AROMA (White Grenache) LalVigne MATURE (Syrah)

Key improvements
  • Earlier maturity
  • Higher level of polyphenols
  • Great differences in the sensory analysis
  • More concentration
  • Improved fruity taste and mouthfeel