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Valuable scientific collaborations

A reliable partner for the wine industry

Lallemand Oenology provides the wine sector with all the strength of the Lallemand Group: its microbiological, scientific and industrial expertise as a microorganisms producer, as well as its ongoing investments in Research and Development.

A reliable and qualitative partner for cellars for many years, Lallemand Oenology has continued to develop innovative natural solutions to meet changing needs and trends.

Thus wines gain in quality while keeping their originality and this with a step ahead.

Scientific parnerships

Thanks to the focus of Lallemand Oenology on nature and innovation to anticipate trends, LalVigne MATURE and LalVigne AROMA were created. These products have been tested through peer-reviewed scientific and observational studies, which have shown the effect of their application in the vineyard, in the grape and in the wine.

The LalVigne project continues to grow thanks to our collaboration with universities, institutes, wineries, grape growers and winemakers from different countries.

Scientific parnerships