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Natural solution after hail

Improves the recovery of vines and their productive potential after hail damage

LalVigne CICATRIX is a natural product of 100% yeast derivatives. Application to a vineyard that has suffered hail damage will accelerate the healing of wounds, improving the recovery of the grapevines and their productive potential.

LalVigne CICATRIX reduces the negative impact of the damage caused by hail on the plant, grapes, and wine. It increases physiological activity and stimulates the synthesis of compounds that facilitate a faster and more effective recovery of the vineyard.

Authorized for organic and conventional viticulture.

 Improves the recovery of vines and their productive potential after hail damage

Benefits, Characteristics & Application

Natural healing agent that accelerates the recovery of vines that have suffered hail damage.

Increased yield: Reduces losses caused by hail. In previous experiences, the increase reaches ≥10%.

Increases the physiological activity of the plant for a greater and faster recovery

Increases the homogeneity of the bunches, balancing their development and ripening level

Improves the balance in grape components impacting on a higher wine quality

Improved profitability for the grape grower by increasing the recovery of the vineyard and its productive potential and reducing the damage caused to growers

Increases the volume of wine by reducing grape production losses

Improved grape quality: increased presence of aromatic precursors and color compounds in the grape skins

Reduced risk of volatile acidity, oxidation and wine instability

Reduced presence of spoilage microorganisms which will result in an increased need for SO2 and may lead to wine quality defects.

Reduces heterogeneity in the level of ripening of the clusters facilitating the choice of harvesting time and improving the quality of the final wines

Reduces processing costs: grapes in poorer sanitary condition will increase the need for inputs in the winery


Wine yeast derivatives (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) de Lallemand Oenology



10 kg carton containing 10 bags of 1 kg.


Non-flammable product.

Store in sealed original packaging.

Store preferably in a cool and dry place. Avoid extreme storage conditions.

Organic Agriculture

Product suitable in organic farming according to Regulation (UE) 2018/848

Recommended dose by application on vines

1 kg/ha (0.9 lb/acre)

Foliar application

Dose by application

LalVigne CICATRIX 1kg/ha (0.9 lb/acre) 1lb/acre

Timing of application

Recommended 1 to 3 applications

1st application: as soon as possible after hail damage as long as there are enough leaves to receive the foliar application. In cases where the hail eliminates the entire leaf surface, make this first application once the new shoots present at least 3-4 leaves.

As a general recommendation 2 to 3 applications are advised to increase vine recovery and yield.

Interval between applications around 14 days.

Effective from the first application.

Mode of application:

  1. Mix LalVigne CICATRIX in a 5 gallon bucket with one gallon or more of water per pound of product
  2. Add mixed product to half full sprayer and continue agitating.
  3. Add remaining water, spray on leaves at 100 – 1000 l / ha (10 – 110 gal / acre).

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